Special Events

Royal Avalon Parties

Royal Avalon Parties is excited to be partnering with the Renaissance Festival this summer to bring a magical experience for all princes and princesses alike!

Please join us for an enchanted story time, singing performance, and dance instruction as well as a meet and greet with our Snow and Norwegian Queen-inspired characters on Saturday, August 24 at 2:00 p.m. and Classic Princesses on Sunday, August 25th at 2:00 p.m. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pat Farrell - Cannon Historian

Pat Farrell tells us how cannons first came on the scene in Europe in the 12th century and variations continue to this day. Various types of cannons were used in Newfoundland for battle and protection. Whether from land or ship the cannons were the weapons of choice. The cannon he made here is typical of the 1600's.

The black powder and slow match used for igniting the powder are all recipe’s from that time. Two types of cannons were typically used in Newfoundland. One was the longer barrel cannon that fired solid cannonballs to the shorter bore that fired the exploding type of which he will have both to look at and feel the weight of. These are both from the 1600's and 1700's.

Pat will be on stage with his trusty cannon on Saturday, August 24 @ 1:00 pm and Sunday August 25th @ 1:00pm 

Terra Nova School of Swords

Renaissance Festival NL is very excited to announce that Terra Nova School of Swords will be returning to this year’s festivities with Demonstrations and tournaments. Terra Nova School of Swords is Newfoundland’s only sword school!

Located in St.John’s, the school teaches the art of Historical Fencing to youth and adults. They study and teach a variety of sword styles that ranges from the medieval to the Renaissance period. You can find classes like Italian Longsword, Scottish Broadsword, Spanish Rapier or French Smallsword.

There’s a sword style for everyone, and if you don’t know what suits you, then just drop in for a trial class and try them all out!

The Knights of NL Tournament - Fencers representing different towns in Newfoundland battle it out to win the Queen's favour and to join the rank of the Queen's Guard.

Archery Training - Learn to hit targets with a medieval bow, only the finest shooters get to join the Town Guards!

Knight Training - (Sunday) Learn to wield the Knightly sword, and defend the realm against evil foes!

The Knight Shop - Looking for armour or forgot your sword? Want to upgrade your current armour and weapons? Come check out the Knight Shop for all your medieval needs! 


Feel like a true King or Queen when you play the Kingdoms Trading Card Game! The developer will be offering free demos to any guests who would like to try the game! There will be prizes for those who give the game a try! 

Never played a trading card game before? Don't worry! Kingdoms is a lot easier to learn than most other trading card games, and we have great instructors that get you started playing right away! What is a trading card game? 

Trading Card Games are a genre of physical gaming media where players battle each other using trading cards. 

Jolly Rodger Enterprises

During the festival be sure to take part in a dance class on how to Dance the olde Newfoundland Waltz and other favourites, instructed by Jim Russell of Jolly Rodger Enterprises.

Epoch on the Rock

Epoch on the Rock is Newfoundland's largest Live Action Role Playing club or LARP!

Set in high fantasy, join us once a month to embark on a weekend of fun, from combat encounters with necromancers and monsters in the woods, to social encounters with Father Francis and the church of Nos, and everything in between! Epoch on the Rock originated as a branch off of Epoch Toronto, but has steadily grown into its own unique system over the 10 years spent playing in Newfoundland.

Always happy to lend a hand in the community, come say hi to us while we create and run a rich story of kingdoms and queens for the 3rd Annual Newfoundland Renaissance Festival!

For more info feel free to contact our Artistic Director Sharon, at epochontherock@hotmail.com, or our Community Outreach Director Marcus at epochontherockinfo@gmail.com 

Be sure to sign up in advance to participate as a player.